Because Gratitude is Priceless™.....


As the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in early 2020, Atilano recognized the unwavering dedication of essential workers who continued to serve on the front lines while most of us stayed safe at home with our families, sheltering in place.

To express our heartfelt gratitude, Atilano created the Thank You Blend as a special gift for medical workers, fire and police personnel, grocery store staff, chefs preparing food for takeout at restaurants, post office employees, and many others. We were also proud to partner with the nonprofit organization Berry Good Food to deliver care packages of coffee, baked goods, and fresh local produce to many of these heroes.

True to our motto, "Coffee that goes beyond the cup," Atilano is committed to giving back to our community through the production and sale of ethically-sourced specialty craft coffee. In line with this mission, we are excited to announce that the Thank You Blend will soon be available for sale, allowing you to share this unique expression of appreciation with friends, family, and colleagues.

Learn more about our mission to give back to the community and the inspiring story behind the Thank You Blend on our website.

Learn more about our mission to give back to the community.